Bid Board

We have established a Bid Board at the Library and would like to encourage all of you in the San Diego area to participate as sellers and buyers.  Anything and everything philatelic can be offered for sale, hopefully at prices that will encourage both buyers and sellers.  At least to start with (recommendations for change are certainly welcome), the following procedures are in place:

  1. Items can be placed on the board at any time by anyone.  Items will run until the following Saturday at which time they will be closed.

  2. To place an item on the Bid Board, just sign up on the Seller/Bidder List pon the Board to obtain a Seller/Bidder #, fill in the Bid Form that is available at the top of the Board, and place your item behind the glass with your Bid Form on the outside of the glass.  Be sure to stipulate a starting bid price.

  3. When bidding is closed at 12:00 on Saturday, 15% of the winning bid goes to the Library and 85% goes to the seller.

  4. Items removed from the Board on Saturday will be placed in applicable Bidder/Seller # envelopes located on the Desk next to the Bid Board.  Buyers can remove the item from the envelope, leaving total payment in the envelope at the same time. (No I O U's please.) The Library Manager will collect the funds and make payment to the seller in that seller's Envelope.

Bid Boards can be fun and productive for buyers and sellers if everyone participates.  In the past our attempts have not worked because only one or two individuals have offered material.  If all of us participate, a wide range of material can be offered, and if sufficient interest is demonstrated we can expand the Bid Board's offerings.

Hope to see you at the Board!

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